3 Essential NetSuite Administration Tasks for Retailers Looking To Streamline Their Business Operations

3 Essential NetSuite Administration Tasks for Retailers Looking To Streamline Their Business Operations

Written by Ben Moore

April 13, 2022

NetSuite can be a beast, with the average implementation taking up to six months! Retailers understand that the payoff is worth every second of implementation time due to NS’ huge rewards in making business operations more streamline. However, the work doesn’t end after the implementation. The beast known as NetSuite keeps on coming back, so it’s crucial to have someone within your team who can tame the wild animal!

Enter stage right* the NetSuite Administrator. A NetSuite Admin is tasked with keeping the beast at bay and is key in ensuring that all functions of the backend are maintained correctly. This lengthy task saves the retailer a vast amount of time and resources that can be better spent dedicated to running day-to-day operations and the high-level decision making responsibilities that come with running a retail business.

Every snowflake that falls from the sky is different from the one that fell before it and Retailers are no different! Even though a shop may sell the same products, the outlay of the shop, the feel of a brand and the customer service are all unique and offer a new experience for their customers. Despite NetSuite advertising their product as “ready out of the box” – the nature of being a retailer means that their NetSuite will be constantly evolving to achieve their business goals and ambitions.

dashboard configuration

Dashboard and User Configuration

Dashboard and user configuration is a significant feature of NetSuite that relies heavily on individual customisation and preferences. Having a dedicated resource on hand to create, integrate and maintain high performing bespoke dashboards tailored to a specific user’s needs is paramount towards the efficiency of a company’s workforce. Let’s say that your CFO needs actionable insights into the business’ cash flow forecasting and management – no worries, your dedicated NS Admin is on the job!


New Feature Updates and Training

Even on a good day It can be challenging for the average retailer to keep up with all the bells and whistles that NetSuite has to offer, nevermind whilst juggling the everyday running of their business operations as well. Amongst the chaos, it’s important to have a helping hand that can understand NS’ new features and guide your team through these exciting updates step by step. NetSuite releases new updates twice per year, so as you can imagine, if you’re not dedicating a resource towards understanding and managing these updates there will be a lot of beneficial functionality you will be missing out on!

NetSuite troubleshooting

Problem Troubleshooting

Whether or not you’re an established, thriving retail business or a rapidly growing retailer it’s a well known fact that if you’re taking advantage of the eCommerce-retail technology boom there’s going to be technical issues along the way. That’s why it’s important that you have the resources in place to troubleshoot and resolve these problems as efficiently as possible, leaving your retail business with minimal downtime and therefore maximising profit!

The reality is that hiring an internal technical resource is incredibly costly and time consuming. That’s why more and more retailers are turning towards agencies like Excellent Zephyr to provide them with dedicated and trusted NetSuite Administration services that are designed to support the retailers continuing business growth.


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