Excellent Zephyr Announces Their New NetSuite AI Assistant for Retailers

NetSuite AI Assistant

Written by Harry Bray

October 18, 2023

Excellent Zephyr is excited to announce the upcoming launch of their AI NetSuite assistant for retail brands, EVE. This follows NetSuite’s recent announcement at Suitworld that the platform will incorporate its own AI functionality, allowing users to generate text for fields such as a product page. However, Excellent Zephyr hopes that EVE will push the capabilities and functionality of role-based AI into new and innovative territories.

EVE will deep dive into the complex data source which is NetSuite and generate bespoke reports on the fly, craft department strategies, rapidly navigate throughout the system, fulfil data queries and much more. If you’d like to learn more about EVE’s flagship functionality then you can discover more here.

We’re beyond excited with the announcement of our new AI assistant for NetSuite, EVE. By harnessing AI’s limitless potential, we’re looking to revolutionise how retailers interact with NetSuite and the rest of their tech stack. This is just the start but we believe NetSuite and Retail will never be the same again. Retail reinvented with EVE.

Ian Moore

CEO, Excellent Zephyr


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