How to Level up Your Inbound Marketing With Hubspot’s Marketing Hub!

Written by Ben Moore

July 21, 2021

A brief view into how HubSpot’s Marketing Hub can help your eCommerce Business

We get it, e-commerce can be complicated. You’ve built a user-friendly, stunning online store filled with great products. They’re perfectly priced and complemented with some eye-catching funky graphics… and yet despite all these factors, your business is missing the one (not so) secret ingredient that makes the whole machine tick – customers.

In an ever-saturating industry, eCommerce business owners are having to try every trick in the book to stay ahead of the competition, and let’s face it – this can be hard! This is where HubSpot comes in to save the day! Sporting an orange cape with a sprocket logo sprawling in the digital wind, HubSpot’s all-in-one system can be the solution for all your marketing, sales, and service needs!

Amongst HubSpot’s extensive ‘Hubs’, the Marketing Hub is perhaps most useful for turning strangers into loyal returning customers! Built on the Inbound methodology, HubSpot’s Marketing Hub is made from the ground up to expose your brand to the right audience and organically convert passers-by. Sound too good to be true? Well then, let’s delve into the different features of Marketing Hub!

The first step to inject a bit of “Inbound” into your eCommerce business is to connect your online store to HubSpot via the purpose-built integration. This substantial yet straightforward step allows the collected data to flow across multiple platforms and into the HubSpot Marketing Hub, equipping you with a host of tools to attract, convert and delight customers.

A major player in the eCommerce game is converting traffic into sales. Studies show that 95% of website visitors don’t buy anything on their first visit, and can you blame them? Without face-to-face human contact to build brand trust on the internet, business owners are stuck searching for other ways to achieve this.

HubSpot is here to offer a helping hand. By using the Marketing Hub to create optimised product pages, promo landing pages, and personalised emails that segment your customers depending on their stage of the buyers’ journey. HubSpot understands the more customised and personal the online shopping experience, the higher the chance of converting your audience into a loyal customer that promotes your brand.

Personalisation is a vital part of the inbound marketing methodology. Still, it’s impossible to guide every customer through the different stages of the buyer’s journey – you need a break as well! This is where the nifty trick of automation comes in handy to ensure that you can put your feet up and sip on a homemade mimosa from time to time.

Built with automation at the forefront of its design, HubSpot encourages its users to incorporate automation into every step of the buyer’s process. Not only does this allow for the business owner to be seemingly everywhere at once, but it also allows for HubSpot to segment and qualify any issue/queries that require the business owner’s attention – saving resources and precious time!

Defined as Workflows, you can set up automated tasks that take both your eCommerce store data and HubSpot data to create personalised marketing campaigns. From re-engagement workflows to cart abandonment recovery, a pleasant, well-timed email can be the difference between a lost customer and a loyal one.

Any good solution wouldn’t be fit to standard without excellent analytic capabilities. Perhaps, not the most rock ‘n’ roll feature in the Marketing Hub’s repertoire but arguably the most insightful.

Reporting gives the business owner a view of the entire sales funnels by tracking their first site visit to their last purchase. By using direction attribution reporting between marketing efforts and customer orders, the business owner can acquire a comprehensive understanding of what works in their business and what does not —saving more valuable time and resources to be spent on making your business grow and keeping your customers happy!


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