Selling on Shopify: Why your Retail Business Needs a Mobile App

Written by Harry Bray

December 1, 2020

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When it comes to eCommerce platforms, Shopify is well renowned for being one of the top dogs in the market! In fact, Shopify contributes to almost a 20% market share of the world’s current eCommerce.

Having a Shopify marketplace is an excellent start towards the success of your retail business. However, if you want to maximise the potential of your online store, then investing in a mobile app is the way forward.

Mobile apps are more accessible than ever and allow small to medium-sized retail businesses to connect with their customers in a more personal way.

M-commerce is one of the fastest-growing digital trends with more than 67% of the world’s eCommerce sales being processed through a mobile device (that’s a massive percentage of the market that you’re missing out on!)

Let’s take a look at why you need Excellent Zephyr to set your retail business up with a brand-new mobile app to complement your Shopify store!

Push Notifications

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Push notifications are the ultimate way to communicate with your customers in real-time. They appear on the users’ mobile device similar to a text message and allows you to promote products, offer discounts and keep them up to date with announcements.

Shopify’s web platform offers limited ability to converse with customers and heavily relies on email communication. The reality is that potential buyers do not engage with emails as much as push notifications:

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“Push notifications have an average engagement rate of 40% as appose to emails’ 5.4%” – Xtify


The proof is in the pudding, and this pudding certainly tastes sweet! Push notifications work as an invaluable tool towards your marketing campaigns and are the future of customer communication!

One-Click Purchase

The truth is that online shopping can become more of a lengthy process than you would anticipate it to be. Creating accounts, filling out contact information and entering payment details are among some of the time-consuming tasks that buyers don’t always want to do!

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“34% of buyers abandon their shopping cart because they need to create an account and 26% because the process is too long” – Baymard


One-click purchasing essentially allows the shopper to skip all the nonsense and get to what matters most, purchasing the product. It’s straightforward to incorporate one-click purchasing into your mobile app and will allow your clients to buy your products in a matter of seconds!

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are the perfect way to improve customer retention and shopping frequency. The more money your customer spends, the more loyalty points and perks they will receive, it’s really that simple!

Of course, you could incorporate a loyalty program into your Shopify web store, but it won’t be as effective. The reason why mobile apps work so well is that the customer is always 1 click away from your store, making it much more convenient for them to purchase and rack up them loyalty points! The hassle of logging into their web account just to make a purchase means that they won’t do it as frequently.

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“Over 57% of members prefer to interact with their loyalty program through a mobile device” – Pymnts


Customer Satisfaction/Convenience

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Your customers are everything to your business and improving their satisfaction and convenience is pivotal towards your success!

The fact that the average person checks their mobile device 96 times a day shows how connected we are to the digital world. Having your mobile app store in your customers pocket, available to access at any moment adds to their purchasing convenience. Aside from this, mobile apps offer the customer a faster and more personalised experience that, in return, makes them a very happy chappy!

Flexible Payment Options

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Offering a variety of payment options via your mobile app will increase the number of sales that you achieve. As technology advances, more and more payment alternatives are becoming commonly used.

Not everybody uses a modest Visa or Mastercard anymore! Customers want to be able to purchase with a variety of options such as gift cards, Paypal and Apple Pay.

The majority of modern apps integrate, meaning that if a shopper wants to purchase a product via your store’s app, they can simply pay via the Apple or Google app that’s already installed on their mobile device. Seamless and effortless purchasing at the convenience of the customer!

Brand Image

Branding is the result of creating an appealing image that your customers can relate to and love. This ranges from the visual aesthetics to your company messages and the way you communicate with your clients.

A mobile app is the direct extension of your Shopify store and contributes to the professionalism of your brand. Having your company logo on their phone improves long-lasting recognition and promotes brand trust within the consumer.

Overall customers feel better about a brand when they have a positive mobile app experience.
The final word

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In short, with projected m-commerce sales targeted to reach 72.9% of all eCommerce sales in the coming year, you would be mad not to seize the opportunity and expand your Shopify store with a new mobile app!

Get in touch with us for a chat to see how we can help your retail business grow with a brand new app!

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