Shopify Plus and NetSuite: The Key to Scaling Your eCommerce Brand

Shopify NetSuite

Written by Harry Bray

January 17, 2023

WARNING: This blog is only for rapidly growing retailers or brands who are seeking to drastically improve their eCommerce operations in 2023! If you are killing it already, you probably already know the secrets of this blog and someone has already introduced you to this (not-so) well-kept secret.

As a rapidly growing retailer, you probably know Excellent Zephyr as ERP or Integration experts, and Rainy City Agency for their unforgettable online experiences and beautiful online stores. Together, they’ve formed the second-best partnership known to the eCommerce industry… So, what’s number one?

Shopify Plus & NetSuite.

Inventory Management

How to Reach More Customers, Convert More Checkouts, and Scale Fast

Being Shopify Plus Partners, it’s natural that Rainy City Agency sings Shopify Plus’ praises but don’t just take our word for it. Here’s just a handful of reasons how you can use Shopify Plus to scale your brand and convert more checkouts

Shopify Plus is a great way to scale your brand to the next level. With access to Shopify Scripts, you can customise your platform making your customer experience more tailored/customised to your site traffic. Just one example of a Shopify Plus Script you can take advantage of to convert more checkouts is the Gift With Purchase Script. Gift With Purchase promotions are an effective way to help increase purchases of a specific product and reduce the rate of product returns. 

For anyone who already uses Shopify, you’ll know it comes with its native checkout built-in, this is their standard functionality that is the same across all Shopify checkouts. Shopify Plus allows you to access the checkout files to optimise the layout, add in 3rd party functionality and generally enhance the user experience for post-purchase. Shopify Plus’ checkout customisation not only allows you to fully customise the look and feel of your store’s checkout process but also enriches the customer experience by offering everything from custom Click and Collect locations to last-minute incentives.


The World’s #1 Cloud-Based ERP

NetSuite can be a powerful tool for rapidly scaling Shopify Plus retailers, providing a range of benefits that can help businesses to manage growth and succeed in today’s competitive online marketplace.

NetSuite’s scalability and automation capabilities can help businesses to manage high levels of growth and handle increasing numbers of orders and customers more efficiently compared to other ERPs. From here, processes such as order fulfilment and financial management can be automated to save time and resources and allow businesses to focus on other important tasks. With NetSuite, you’ll have a comprehensive view of sales, inventory, and financials, which can help businesses to make better decisions, forecast for the future, and identify further opportunities for growth.

Stock Out

The Greatest Partnership in eCommerce

Integration between Shopify Plus and NetSuite can help businesses scale and grow by automating various processes and gaining better control over operations so that businesses can handle larger volumes of orders and customers more efficiently. 

This can be particularly useful for businesses that experience seasonal spikes in demand with real-time data synchronisation ensuring that a business will have accurate information about stock levels. As data is being passed between your eCommerce platform and ERP in real-time, the integration ensures that both systems have access to the same information about inventory levels and order status. This means that if an order is placed on the Shopify Plus platform, the information is immediately reflected in NetSuite, and vice versa, helping businesses to avoid over-selling or under-selling products, as well as avoid delays or errors in order fulfilment. 

Having NetSuite sitting at the heart of your business and integrated into Shopify Plus has wider implications when you consider how other areas of your tech stack could benefit from immediately accessing data provided when an order is processed. For example, integrating Shopify Plus with other solutions in your tech stack could automatically generate shipping labels or send tracking information to customers once an order is shipped. This can help businesses to fulfil orders more efficiently and provide a better customer experience, whilst adhering to international shipping restrictions and label requirements.

About Rainy City Agency

Rainy City are a leading Shopify Plus design and development agency. Working with some of the world’s top brands from health and beauty, luxury goods and jewellery along with other premium sectors.

Building proactive partnerships with leading Shopify brands, Rainy City has worked alongside them to help increase conversions, customer retention and developed unforgettable shopping experiences online.


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