Why Your Retail Business Needs an Ecommerce Agency

Why Your Retail Business Needs an Ecommerce Agency

Written by Harry Bray

June 11, 2021

If you’ve never worked with an eCommerce agency before, then you might be wondering what do they do and why does my retail business need one?

At Excellent Zephyr, we’re committed to delivering professional eCommerce services that digitally transform retailers. To accomplish that, we believe that every client should understand what an eCommerce agency is and how it can grow your retail business!

What is an eCommerce Agency?

An eCommerce agency is an external team that partners with your retail business to solve complex problems, bring a fresh perspective and achieve your goals. We do this by targeting 3 key areas: Digital Strategy, eCommerce Solutions and Support.

Our eCommerce services include Roadmaps, Technology Selection, Project Delivery, Project Management, and Support. By working with our partners and team of developers, we can deliver the most effective solutions to create a seamlessly integrated eCommerce experience.

Let’s take a look at how your retail business can benefit from using an eCommerce agency like Excellent Zephyr!

Technical Expertise

Every retail business is different, and that’s why your digital strategy should drive your technology decisions. An eCommerce agency won’t sell you generic, stock technology that doesn’t fulfil your business needs. They’ll work closely with you to roadmap your goals and implement the solutions that achieve your objectives.

Like anything technology related, you want experts in the field who have years of experience delivering top-quality eCommerce services and solutions. eCommerce tech implementation is a complicated process that involves many moving parts that need to be pulled together to create one slick, cohesive retail system.

Data Integration

eCommerce integration is a buzzword that isn’t going anywhere. There’s a good reason everyone’s talking about it, and that’s because it’s the future of retail businesses. Integrating all your standalone systems such as Online Store, ERP, CRM, and 3PL can save you valuable time and money.

By working with our partners and leading eCommerce integration platform, Patchworks, we can deliver intelligent and scalable data integration services that unify your retail systems.

Optimised Retail Performance

Retail performance is what keeps your business ticking! You want your online store to be in tip-top shape to convert as many sales as possible. Fast loading times, ease-of-use and engaging store actions will help retain your customers and increase sales.

Additionally, you want your eCommerce store to be optimised to use on a variety of platforms such as desktop, mobile and tablet so that your customers can purchase products in a variety of ways.

Building Custom Experiences

To stand out from the competition, you need to go one step further than stock store templates and disjointed integrations. Having a team of experienced developers available at your fingertips means that you can create a custom design and shopping experience that resonates with your customers.

Aside from developing a spectacular front-end, your retail business back-end will thrive by implementing custom integrations that help you achieve your goals.

Dedicated Support

Delivering your successful digital transformation is just the first step towards achieving your long-term business goals. Maintaining and managing your eCommerce systems is what keeps you on track, and having a dedicated team of professionals available to troubleshoot any problems or make off-the-cuff changes is invaluable for your business development.  


Full-service eCommerce agencies are much more cost-effective than hiring a specialised in-house team, which gives you more control over your budget. You will have a Project Manager, Digital Strategists, eCommerce Developers, Integration Technicians and Support Team available at your disposal for a complete price by working with Excellent Zephyr.

Working with us leaves your retail business with more money to invest into what matters most, your retail growth!


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