Trinny London Go-Live Thanks to Excellent Zephyr’s Services!

Trinny London

Written by Harry Bray

July 7, 2022

We’re pleased to announce the successful go-live of our Trinny London project! Over the last several months, the Excellent Zephyr team have been working hard to deliver additional support and onboarding services to help push their NetSuite project over the line.

Prior to Excellent Zephyr’s involvement, the project had been running for 10 months and was coming up against hurdle after hurdle. When Excellent Zephyr got hands-on, they spent time learning about elements of our business, how we work and what the issues had been to date. Working around us and our processes, they then took ownership of the NetSuite implementation and got us Live within 3 months of taking the lead.

Taher Khaliq

Chief Technical Officer, Trinny London

Looking forward, Trinny London’s future seems incredibly exciting as they continue to grow from strength to strength each year. That’s why they have decided to transition onto our Managed Service so that we can provide them with the tools to scale and sustain their projected business growth!

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