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Unify Your Brick and Mortar Business With an Industry Leading Tech Stack.

Over the years we’ve worked with all different kinds of retailers. That’s when we realised the crucial need for a Brick and Mortar focused solution. The type of solution that solves the unique challenges that only B&M retailers can understand.

Our end-to-end, Point Of Sale (POS) focused solution is fuelled by the world’s No.1 cloud ERP – NetSuite. Additionally, by integrating and automating the core business processes within your tech stack you can enjoy reduced human error, complete scalability and real-time visibility over your entire retail operations!

POS Solution


NetSuite gives you real-time visibility into your entire retail operation, accessible from anywhere at any time. With NetSuite, you get a single view of the business across all channels, ensuring that your customer, order, inventory and financial information is always up to date and that you deliver the experience your customers expect across every touchpoint.


Reliable real-time data integration between your solutions is vital if your retail business wants to continue scaling its commerce operations. Many of our customers came to us with stories of their disastrous peak trading period and the negative impact it had on their business due to inaccurate data and high order volumes.

POS (Point of Sale) and More

POS is unique to brick & mortar retailers and is the bedrock of a seamless user and customer experience. However, the importance of a quality Point of Sale runs much deeper than what’s on the surface. Accurate stock updates between warehouse to ERP and fast, reliable payments that automatically update your financials are some of the additional benefits of a Lightspeed POS delivered by Excellent Zephyr. 



Work smarter, not harder. That’s the phrase that comes to mind when we think about automation. By using “flows” to automate specific business operations within your ERP (such as order-to-cash), you can save on manual labour costs, saving your retail business valuable time, resources and money.



You’re a product-led eCommerce retailer, so a reliable and quick order-to-cash process is your bread and butter. However, traditionally this business process is fraught with multiple failure points because it requires communication between multiple areas of your tech stack, from store to ERP and Warehouse. 

If your business has a fragile OTC process, then you will experience delays with payments and, consequently, shipping. The bottom line is that this will negatively impact your customers’ experience.

Integrating and automating the systems within your Order-to-Cash process will accurately streamline your operations. Not only will you receive reliable and fast payments, but you will also benefit from optimised inventory management, inventory visibility, reduced stockouts and happier customers.


All retailers rely on an efficient P2P process so that they can keep their stock up to date and invoices in check. But the truth is that issues such as delayed or duplicate payments, purchase orders and invoice errors all contribute to inefficiencies that can have major consequences for an eCommerce retailer.

Whether you’re paying for individual materials to manufacture in house or finished goods straight from your overseas factory you can automate and streamline the manual processes and store all your invoice data in one place for complete clarity.



Knowledge is power, so how can you expect to make impactful decisions with limited data and unreliable insights? The advantage of having one centralised cloud-based system, NetSuite, integrated to create an end-to-end solution means you can pull information from every corner of your business operations. 

With a reliable Record-to-Report process you can generate powerful 360 degree reports based on product SKU codes, individual sales channels, financial performance and much more. This key information will give your team the insights they need to efficiently manage budget and make them all important decisions!


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