How We Helped Iconic Fashion Brand Lulu Guinness Revolutionise Their Business Operations

After using outdated and disparate retail systems for years, Lulu Guinness realised that they needed to move forward and reinvent their business operations. That’s when they enlisted the help of Excellent Zephyr to get the ball rolling with their professional services and manage their project from start to finish.


Quintessentially British, Lulu Guinness is an iconic handbag brand with a rich heritage – as the originator of witty, playful bags to place proudly on the table, not on the floor. After the success of the Florist Basket, introduced in 1993, and now part of the V&A’s permanent fashion exhibition, the brand has become a household name.





Project Management

NetSuite Implementation


The Challenge

Over the last few years, Lulu Guinness has been evolving to take advantage of the rapidly changing eCommerce landscape. They were looking for new retail solutions to support their growth and business direction moving forward. Before the project, Lulu Guinness used unsupported and disparate legacy systems that were impacting their development due to a lack of accurate reporting, manual errors, and inconsistent data.

Realising that they needed to move away from their outdated technology, Lulu Guinness enlisted our help to project manage the implementation of additional NetSuite functionality and eCommerce integration that would support their exciting business growth.

The Results

With their new cloud-based and integrated tech stack in place, Lulu Guinness can now benefit from having a complete view of their accurate data and end-to-end business operations.

Here’s a quick look at the six core design principles that we achieved in this project:

Implement additional NetSuite modules

During the planning phase, we identified the need for additional NetSuite functionality to support their eCommerce expansion and business development. The module that we implemented was:

Advanced Inventory Management to provide a single, real-time view of inventory across all their online stores (UK, USA, ROW) and sales channels. By optimising inventory levels and ensuring product availability across multiple channels, we could help Lulu Guinness keep inventory costs low while exceeding customer expectations.

Use industry-standard integration tools with Patchworks

To integrate Lulu Guinness’s solutions, we worked with our trusted partner, Patchworks. Patchworks used their industry-standard connectors to effectively manage data flow between Lulu Guinness’s multiple eCommerce stores, POS, NetSuite, Zedonk, Returns System and 3PL. Using Patchworks, Lulu Guinness can now manage all their data flow through one tool and enjoy a watertight end-to-end eCommerce solution.

Standard functionality

Using standard functionality across their end-to-end eCommerce solution means that we could fulfil Lulu Guinness’s desired business functions without adding additional customisations. When using standard functionality, it’s much easier to update, support and maintain the solutions as and when Lulu Guinness needs it!

Automate business processes

Automating Lulu Guinness’s business processes was a key priority within the project criteria to move away from their laborious and inaccurate methods of work, which was previously the norm. We achieved this with 2 important solutions:

Patchworks was used to automate key data flows between the solutions within Lulu Guinness’s tech stack. This means that Patchworks identifies the correct data and automatically pushes and pulls it into the correct system(s) to be processed efficiently, without the need for manual intervention.

NetSuite allows Lulu Guinness to carry out essential business operations in the form of workflows, eliminating the risk of human error. From financials to product updates and customer data – all previously manual tasks can now be manifested in the form of automated workflows!

A scalable cloud-based solution

All of the solutions used within Lulu Guinness’s tech stack are 100% scalable and cloud-based. This means that they can scale up or down their operations at ease and without problems. To implement flexible and scalable solutions was crucial to support Lulu Guinness’s anticipated business growth.

Clean data

The importance of clean data is paramount when it comes to starting a new eCommerce project! Due to years of manual and disjointed processes, Lulu Guinness had mountains of legacy data that had to be cleansed. By cleansing this data, they eliminated any problems that could have arisen later down the line.



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