Excellent Enterprise

Probably the world's first fully-integrated omnichannel solution for retail Enterprise.

A new age eCommerce platform. Built for change.

Forget about your outdated software; Shopify Plus is developed to be the future of eCommerce. Take control over how you curate your customers' experience with complete design freedom, 3D product displays and endless marketing possibilities!

Centralise every part of your Enterprise with one easy to use platform. From eCommerce, in-store and B2B; Shopify Plus is specially designed to grow your business. Create new stores in minutes, perform worldwide shipping at ease and manage inventory across all your locations.

Zero risks. 100% cloud advantage.

LS Central brings together everything your retail business needs via Microsoft 365 Business Central. Manage your finances, run your POS and control all of your store operations in one unified place!

Not every retail business is the same. That's why whatever your requirements are, we have a solution for you. LS Central comes specifically tailored to meet your industry's demands, whether that's fashion, food or even homeware. Remove all the complexities that using multiple software platforms creates, reduce costs and maximise your revenue!

VL Omni

Empower your growth. Integrate your commerce platforms.

Enjoy smart and scalable business integration in real-time with VL OMNI. Gone are the days of disjointed, slow and impractical retail platforms that aren't designed to collaborate effectively.

VL OMNI works as an iPaas (Integration Platform as-a-Service) platform to seamlessly align all of your independent retail platforms with intelligent cloud-based data integration! By having an efficient future-proof data infrastructure, you can comfortably expand, grow and scale your business at ease.

Payroll made easy.

Payroll can be time-consuming and complicated. MiraclePay is based around Microsoft Dynamic's 365 Business Central so that your payroll solution is fully integrated from day one. Make payroll fast and easy; increase your team's productivity and reduce their workload.

Analytics that fuel your retail development.

Knowledge is power, and with Hillstar Business Intelligence, you'll have specialised analytics that powers up your business's performance. Conveniently based around Microsoft Business Central, Hillstar BI transforms your data into detailed and actionable insights that contribute to your retail business’s development.

Hassle-free shipping that does the tricky bits for you.

New and changing regulations can make logistics complicated, time-consuming and expensive. Welcome ShipStation, the 5-star shipping software designed to make shipping faster, easier and more affordable!

ShipStation integrates into a variety of sales channels such as Shopify so that all of your orders are automatically brought into the platform, saving you valuable time. Compare courier rates and delivery times to get the fastest, cheapest delivery available on the market.

Calculate international shipping fees, manage stock, improve customer interaction and much more!.