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What core services does Excellent Zephyr offer for retail brands?
We specialise in NetSuite implementation, integration projects, and “All-in-One” managed services tailored for the retail sector.
How does Excellent Zephyr address challenges faced by brands using outdated ERP systems?

Our solutions provide integration, automation, and optimisation of core retail and financial processes, replacing outdated legacy systems.

What is the significance of NetSuite in Excellent Zephyr's offerings?

Oracle NetSuite is a leading cloud-based ERP system that we implement to help businesses streamline their processes, optimise retail and financial operations, and achieve new efficiency levels.

How can I book a consultation with Excellent Zephyr?

You can book a free consultation with our professional consultants to discuss our retail solutions and services here!

How does Excellent Zephyr's tech stack support omnichannel retailing?

Our industry-leading tech stack solutions, powered by Patchworks iPaaS, offer integrations for omnichannel, eCommerce, InStore, and marketplaces, ensuring a seamless retail experience for your business operations.

What benefits can retailers expect from Excellent Zephyr's "All-in-One" managed service?

Our “All-in-One” service provides a comprehensive solution at a fixed monthly cost, covering various retail tech needs, from project management to ongoing support.

How does Excellent Zephyr ensure data integration across different retail platforms?

We leverage Patchworks to offer a centralized integrations hub, ensuring secure and scalable data flow across your entire business, from sales to inventory.

Can Excellent Zephyr assist with both eCommerce and brick-and-mortar retail?

Yes, we offer end-to-end eCommerce solutions to support online retail growth and also provide tech stacks focused on connecting brick & mortar businesses with POS systems.

How does Excellent Zephyr's solution enhance retail automation?

Our solutions free up your workforce by automating key business processes, ensuring efficient operations and reducing manual tasks.

What makes Excellent Zephyr's retail tech services unique?

Our team of experts works closely with businesses to realise their potential by optimising core retail and financial processes, backed by years of experience in the retail space.

How does Excellent Zephyr support businesses looking to expand internationally?

Our solutions, especially NetSuite, offer scalability that accommodates company growth both nationally and internationally, ensuring consistent operations across borders.

What kind of support can I expect after implementing Excellent Zephyr's solutions?

We have a selection of comprehensive support plan tiers depending on your needs. Our ongoing support team will ensure that your retail tech solutions are continually optimised, updated, and aligned with your business goals.

How does Excellent Zephyr ensure data-driven decision-making for retailers?

Our solutions, particularly NetSuite, come with real-time analytics and customisable dashboards, enabling businesses to make informed, data-driven decisions.

How does Excellent Zephyr stay updated with the ever-evolving world of retail technology?

We continuously refine our offerings, collaborate with industry leaders, and stay informed about the latest trends and technologies in the retail space.

I've heard a lot about Excellent Zephyr's services and I'm eager for a product demo. How can I set one up?

We’re thrilled to hear about your interest! At Excellent Zephyr, we believe in providing a tailored experience. Before diving into a product demo, we like to schedule an introductory and discovery call. This allows us to understand your specific requirements and ensure that the demo we provide is perfectly suited to your needs. Let’s get started and make sure you get the most out of our services!

I've heard NetSuite is the "bee's knees" in the ERP world. Can Excellent Zephyr introduce me to this buzz-worthy solution?

Absolutely! We’re the beekeepers of the retail tech world, and we’d love to show you the hive of possibilities with NetSuite!


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