NetSuite Implementation

Our Project Methodology

As an official NetSuite solution provider partner, we follow their tried and trusted SuiteSuccess implementation methodology that includes leading practices within the retail, eCommerce and wholesale distribution industries. By using this methodology we can accelerate your NetSuite ROI while reducing overall business risk that’s often associated with technology projects.

On average, retail businesses that use this proven framework go live on NetSuite in 100-140 days. This is compared to previous, more traditional frameworks that take closer to an average of nine months to implement.

NetSuite implementations include the following phases. This framework is adaptable and flexible depending on your business requirements.


This is the first phase of a NetSuite implementation and encompasses the functionality your business needs from day one. It includes financial, CRM, real-time inventory management and returns.



During this phase, you start to add more functionality. Examples include seasonal forecasting and budgeting, omnichannel order and warehouse management, people and payroll management – but it’s really whatever the next priority is for your business!


Building on the processes you’ve already streamlined with NetSuite – some businesses choose additional features such as international expansion, financial planning, operations planning and global supply chain management.


NetSuite’s intelligent platform includes tools to accelerate your business growth even further. Tools include sales optimisation, commerce marketing automation and cross subsidiary fulfilment.


Advanced technology tools are capable with NetSuite. The world’s leading companies take advantage of sales intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT) technology and transportation management.

Why Choose Excellent Zephyr For Your NetSuite Implementation?

We have a team of dedicated NetSuite experts with over 20 years of experience working within the retail industry. Our NetSuite knowledge of retail, eCommerce and wholesale distribution is second to none, and our track record of successful implementations speaks for itself!

By combining our trusted methodology and vast project experience, we can tailor NetSuite to meet your business needs and eradicate the usual ERP implementation issues and complexities that many retailers face.


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