NetSuite Implementation

NetSuite. Integrate. Automate.

In today’s dynamic and digital-driven market, having a robust, integrated, and efficient system is vital for your retail business to flourish. Our dedicated team of experts brings a wealth of experience and innovation to leverage the full potential of NetSuite, the world’s #1 cloud ERP solution. 

Wherever your retail brand is on its growth journey, we specialise in customising and implementing NetSuite to drive your business forward, empowering you to make data-driven decisions, optimise operations, and provide an exceptional customer experience.

Our Project Methodology

As an official NetSuite Solution Provider, we have combined its tried and trusted SuiteSuccess implementation with our rich retail experience to create our industry-leading methodology. By using our methodology we can accelerate your NetSuite ROI while reducing the overall business risk that’s often associated with large technology projects.

During the scoping of the project, our services team will work closely with your brand to understand its tech stack and unique business challenges. That’s where we will look for further opportunities to integrate solutions and automate core business processes.

Finally, our NetSuite in 90 framework aims to get our customers live in 90 days. This is compared to more traditional frameworks that take closer to an average of 9 months to implement!

Your Project Stairway

With NetSuite

Our NetSuite project stairway includes the following phases. This framework is completely adaptable and flexible depending on your unique business requirements.


Before anything it’s incredibly important to migrate all existing data, people and business processes from your old legacy systems. By correctly migrating this we can eradicate project complications down the line. 


This involves laying down the core financial foundations to enable your business to flourish from day one. It includes Financial, Analytics, Dashboards and Tax Management.


During this phase, we start to add additional functionality. Examples include International Expansion, Advanced Reporting, Warehouse Management, Requisition and Procurement – but it’s really whatever the priority is for your business!


Here is where we can build on the processes you’ve already streamlined with NetSuite. This can include modules such as Billing and Advanced Revenue, Financial Planning or Global Supply Chain Management.


NetSuite’s intelligent platform includes tools to accelerate your business growth even further. Modules could include Multi-Subsidiary, Inventory Management or Fulfilment. 


Advanced technology tools are capable with NetSuite. The world’s leading companies can take advantage of Advanced Financials and Planning to further give them the edge over their competitors. 

Why Choose Excellent Zephyr For Your NetSuite Implementation?

We have a team of dedicated NetSuite experts with over 20 years of experience in the retail tech industry. Our NetSuite knowledge within the retail and eCommerce sectors is second to none, and our track record of successful projects speaks for itself!

By combining our trusted methodology and vast project experience, we can tailor our implementation services to meet your business needs and eradicate the usual ERP project issues and complexities that many retailers face.


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