End-To-End Commerce That Supports Your Business Growth

So, what does the perfect solution look like? Well, to put it simply, it’s NetSuite, Integration and Business Intelligence.  

From years of experience delivering projects to retailers, there’s one clear winner, and that’s the worlds #1 Cloud ERP, supported by powerful integration into their various commerce channels and logistics platforms.

By integrating NetSuite, retailers can scale up their operations without risk and have a 360-degree view of their business – all in one place.

Our end-to-end solution is topped off with Patchworks Business Intelligence to provide the retailer with “so what?” insights that they can act upon to develop their business further!

NetSuite ERP

NetSuite for Retails and Wholesale Distributers is the only cloud business software solution that brings together every step of a multi-channel, multi-location retail business POS, eCommerce, CRM, marketing, merchandising, inventory and order management and financials.

NetSuite gives you real-time visibility into your entire retail operation, accessible from anywhere at any time. With NetSuite, you get a single view of the business across all channels, ensuring that your customer, order, inventory and financial information is always up to date and that you deliver the experience your customers expect across every touchpoint.


Reliable real-time data integration is vital if your retail business wants to continue scaling its commerce operations. Many of our customers came to us with stories of their disastrous peak trading period and the negative impact it had on their business due to inaccurate data and high order volumes. 

By integrating your commerce, NetSuite, and logistics platforms, you can expect order, product, financial, and customer data to be seamlessly passed into the correct systems.

Patchworks Business Intelligence

Patchworks BI pulls your data into one place, and turns raw numbers into ‘so what?’ insights for your business.

With Patchworks BI, you finally enjoy that single view of your business. From top basket pair analysis, to refund variance between systems. It’s time for you to save time, sell more, and grow your business with Patchworks BI.

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